Top 9 Tips For Your Last Day At Disney World Resort

5. Pick Up Last-Minute Souvenirs

It's easy to get so wrapped up in the magic of Disney World that you completely forget to pick up any souvenirs at all. The last day is a great time to pick up those last few things you've been meaning to get.
One of the best places to get in last-minute souvenir shopping is the World of Disney store in Disney Springs, so be sure to head there if you have several items to search for.

4. Snap Some Photos

Be sure to snap some photos of this last day of fun. Despite the fact that you may be feeling a bit melancholy, you are making fabulous memories that you are going to want to hold onto. Don't deny yourself this privilege by putting the camera away prematurely. Instead, make a point of getting some of the silly poses and fun backdrops you've missed throughout your trip.


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