Top 9 Tips For Your Last Day At Disney World Resort

Disney Springs

7.  Fill Your Time with Fun

Your bags are packed and stored wherever is appropriate. Now what? Well, now it's time to enjoy your last few hours on Disney property!
If you have a super late flight, you might consider adding a day to your tickets in order to have one last look around the parks. However, those who choose not to make that kind of investment can still have a ball.
Some of the beast options are:
●     Stay at the resort and enjoy the pool and other amenities in the public areas.
●     Head to Disney Springs for shopping, dining, bowling, and movies.
●     Play miniature golf at one of the two fabulous Disney mini golf courses.
●     Visit other resorts to enjoy dining and decor.

6.  Use Remaining Food Credits

Wherever you choose to go, be sure to use up those last few dining credits. Those just go to waste if not used, so it makes no sense to leave them sitting.
Obviously, meal credits will need to be used for meals, meaning you might need to eat a delicious breakfast and lunch before heading to the airport or hitting the road. However, snack credits can be used for treats to eat on the road. Simply choose to use those last snack credits on the prepackaged foods sold in gift shops and you'll be all set with magical snacks for the ride home.


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