Top 8 Rides And Experiences You'll Love In Magic Kingdom's Tomorrowland

The Lunching Pad

8. (tie) The Lunching Pad / Cool Ship

If you are a big fan of Disney World’s pretzels, you simply can’t beat Tomorrowland as the place to go to satisfy that urge.  That’s why these two quick service restaurants tie for a place on our list.  Cool Ship serves just one food item, and that’s a Mickey pretzel with cheese sauce.  They also serve fountain drinks to quench your thirst, and if you’re a Star Wars fan you can purchase your drink in a BB-8 souvenir cup!  The Lunching Pad offers three pretzel options – a Mickey pretzel with cheese sauce, a cream cheese pretzel, and a ham and cheese-stuffed pretzel!  And in addition to fountain drinks, milk, and chocolate milk, they also serve frozen beverages!  (They also serve hot dogs too, but you know, whatever.)  Is there anything better than walking through Tomorrowland with a Mickey pretzel and a frozen Coke in hand? 

Is Tomorrowland your favorite area of Magic Kingdom?  When you enter the park, is your instinct to head for the Hub and then take a sharp right?  If so, what’s your favorite experience in Tomorrowland?

Photo Credit: Disney

By Don


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