Top 8 Resorts With Easiest Access To Disney World Parks

Giraffe Savanna Animal Kingdom Lodge

8. Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge-Animal Kingdom

The name says it all. Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge is the closest resort to stay at in relation to Disney’s Animal Kingdom Park. Located just a mile away, travel time (by bus) is short and follows a direct route that takes you from one wild adventure to another. And when I say “wild,” I mean “wild,” because just like the park for which it is named, Animal Kingdom Lodge even has its own resident exotic animal pals grazing about the resort premises. You can even share in an onsite safari—always a delight for visitors and resort guests alike.

There are many other great resorts just a shuttle or boat ride away from your favorite Disney destination. Some are even located around the Disney Springs area, and others can be found within range to Disney’s two waterparks—Blizzard Beach and Typhoon Lagoon. Just remember to book a stay that’s within close proximity to your favorite Disney World destination to enjoy optimal convenience and accessibility during your vacation.

By Laura Hermoza


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