Top 7 Restaurants at Disney Springs

Blaze Pizza

1. Blaze Fast-Fire’d Pizza

Out of all of the new additions to Disney Springs, this is my absolute favorite. If I could eat Blaze Pizza every day, I would. In fact, I take trips to Disney Springs just so I can eat here. Gone are the days where you have to fight over which toppings go on the pizza because here, you get to customize your own personal pizza! You can choose from over 40 toppings and sauces, giving you complete creative control. Within a few minutes, your pizza will be ready for you to enjoy—and it may just be some of the best pizza you’ve ever had.

I love Disney Springs and all that it has to offer, but the restaurants are definitely my favorite part! From burgers, to pizza, to seafood and everything in between, there’s something for everyone and so many places to choose from. Consider one of these options during your next trip to Disney Springs!

By Monet


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