Top 50 Disney Experiences You Should Have In Your Lifetime

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5. Celebrate a milestone

Make a special moment even more magical by celebrating a birthday, anniversary, wedding, or other major milestone with Disney. You can choose from a broad range of customizable packages while visiting a Disney Park, taking a cruise, or going off on a Disney destination. Possibilities are endless, and with Disney you know you can expect the very best.

4. Meet and mingle with classic Disney characters

Whichever Disney destination you embark on you can be sure to come across classic Disney characters along the way. And you can’t pass up the very basic must-do experience of engaging in personal meet and greets. Make it a goal to mingle with as many as you can, and remember to have your autograph book ready for them to sign for you. There are many possibilities for encountering characters and ensuring you get to spend time with the ones you’re most eager meet by checking out times guides, visiting designated character spots, and taking in character dining opportunities.

3. Remember to take photos

It’s true that a picture is worth a thousand words, so with that being said you absolutely must remember to take photos of all your memorable Disney experiences. To make it easier, there are designated Disney photo spots throughout the various parks and cast members stationed around these various points of interest ready to take your photos. The task of accessing and organizing your photos is made easier when you have Disney PhotoPass, which allows you to view and customize photos online and then purchase them. Also note that several rides and attractions also snap action shots of guests.

2. Join Disney Vacation Club

Joining Disney Vacation Club may be a great investment if you find yourself vacationing at Disney Resorts quite frequently. This program is comparable to a timeshare and allows park stayers to purchase real estate interest at specially designated Disney Resorts at various parks and other participating locations. As a DVC Member you earn points that go towards planning future vacations with more flexibility. So if you love Disney, joining is definitely an experience to consider.

1. Audition for a role

Now that you’ve experienced so much as a Disney guest would you like to consider becoming a part of the magic as an employee? Becoming a Disney cast member is the Disney experience of a lifetime. Employment with Disney provides bountiful possibilities, and there are plenty of roles available within the various parks and other Disney affiliates the world over. You can keep up-to-date on all current and upcoming auditions at  

These are just a sampling of 50 great Disney experiences to have in your lifetime. While some of the aforementioned may be more obtainable than others, keep in mind that there are countless other endeavors to consider as well. Each and every Disney experience is magical, and the possibilities are unending.

By Laura Hermoza


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