Top 5 New Experiences at Disney World We Can’t Wait to Have

Slinky Dog Coaster

3. New Rides Inspired By Awesome Movies and Characters

Ride fans rejoice for the new attractions coming your way at Walt Disney World!  We cannot wait to try out new attractions in Disney parks. Pixar fans are excited to hear that a Ratatouille themed ride will be coming to World Showcase’s French pavilion. Visitors have enjoyed a similar attraction at Disneyland Paris’ Hollywood Studios park for several years. Join Remi and his mice friends as he navigates a gourmet kitchen and plates up delicious dishes from a rat’s perspective.
The first ever Mickey Mouse themed ride is coming to Hollywood Studios and taking the place of the former Great Move Ride in the Chinese Theatre.  This ride takes guests into a Mickey Mouse cartoon short film. There are not a lot of details out on this renovation yet.  What we do know is that imagineers are excited about this update and say that it will be an immersive experience like none other at Walt Disney World.


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