Top 20 Things to See and Do At Disney's Magic Kingdom Park

Haunted Mansion

10. Ghostly goods

Happy hauntings have never been happier than they are when you find them at Magic Kingdom Park. Guests choosing to best the magnificent macabre can quite literally make a themed experience for themselves, laden with ghosts and other to-die-for goods. Start off with a ride at the infamous Haunted Mansion attraction. Then follow it up with a stop in at Memento Mori—one of the Park’s “still fresh” merchandise emporiums. In many more ways than one this ghoulish shop, housed in what has been said to be the former residence of Madame Leota herself, is an interactive and spirited venue and an attraction itself. Once you wander inside you will discover soon enough that this little place is full of several in-store special effects, including a changing portrait of Madame Leota and even a mirror she likes to fade in and out of. Keep your eyes and ears open as you check out the one-of-a-kind attraction-themed merchandise and other goods. And perhaps the most unique experience beckoning to you here is the chance to have a phantom photo session at the in-store Spirit Photography Booth to reveal your much creepier side.


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