Top 20 Magic Kingdom Experiences

Haunted Mansion

3. Happy Haunts Hanging Out

Welcome, Foolish Mortals, to the hallowed halls of Gracey Manor. At The Haunted Mansion, guests will embark on a journey deep into the realm of the supernatural as their “Doom Buggy” floats through the various rooms, hallways, and corridors. As their Ghost Host leads them on a grand tour of this etherial estate, they will encounter possessed paintings, creepy old crypts, a spooky seance, and of course the 999 Happy Haunts that call the mansion their home. This fan favorite is one of the most iconic attractions in Walt Disney World. Practically bursting with character, The Haunted Mansion cannot be fully experienced in just one ride through. Multiple trips are heavily encouraged. Be sure to hit this one early, people are DYING to get in.


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