Top 20 Experiences to Have In Walt Disney World's Epcot


4. Watch IllumiNations light up the night

Epcot celebrates the diverse richness of culture and humanity in many ways, including its own signature nighttime spectacular—IllumiNations: Reflections of Earth. Dazzling fireworks light up the night, every night, over the World Showcase Lagoon in a show that presents the story of humankind through such effects as water, light, and music. It begins with the Earth’s birth as presented by an explosive introduction then progresses through present times and a hopeful tomorrow. The crowning highlight is the emergence of a hovering globe over the water with changing scenes depicting the diversity and developments of humanity and its many achievements throughout time. The climatic finale speaks of hope for the future, with comets shooting through the sky and the suspended globe transforming into a lotus flower, blooming to reveal a torch ablaze to symbolize the dreams of all people.


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