Top 20 Experiences to Have In Walt Disney World's Epcot

10. Ride through Spaceship Earth

For this next space pursuit you don’t even have to leave the ground, as you will discover that the whole world is its own spaceship. Spaceship Earth has been a long-time classic Epcot attraction, housed within the park’s iconic 18-story silver geosphere. Guests ride along a 15-minute journey through the times and history of humankind, starting with Cro-Magnon civilization and progressing into the imaginable future. Numerous historical milestones are highlighted along the way by use of authentic recreations, stunning scenery, and life-like animatronics. The ride’s climax comes with an ascent to the internal zenith, which reveals a stunning space-like view of Planet Earth. As guests descend they get the chance to take part in an interactive feature in which they answer key questions, have a photo snapped, and then get to see a custom-designed future of themselves and fellow riders.  There is also a post-show area known as Project Tomorrow that includes various other interactive endeavors as well.


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