Top 20 Experiences For Your Family At Disney World Resort

Marketplace Train

7. Disney Springs activities

Families sometimes find that a detour into Disney’s own downtown shopping and entertainment hub makes for many fun experiences as well. While Disney Springs doesn’t feature nearly the same number of attractions that you would find in the parks, it does boast several unique family-friendly highlights, including the newly opened Star Wars™ Secrets of the Empire by ILMxLAB and the VOID. This hyper-reality experience puts you and your group right in the middle of the action of a fully immersive 3D Star Wars universe, complete with sounds, imagery, and even character interactions. For more docile pursuits there’s always the Marketplace Train Express and Carousel. Even checking out the different shops can be a lot of fun, as many even include a host of interactive adventures and activities within. Take a tour on the water aboard a most unique vintage amphicar or Italian taxi or, if you’re feeling bold enough, how about a hot air balloon adventure 400 feet up in the air with Aerophile? The latter may be a little too much for those with younger members in their traveling party, however. Then there’s always great food, unique store and restaurant theming, and countless other endeavors to enjoy along the way when you spend time at Disney Springs.


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