Top 10 Rides at Magic Kingdom Park

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad

4.  Big Thunder Mountain Railroad (Frontierland)

Brace yourself for a rollicking ride on a runaway mine train through Big Thunder Mountain, and down into an abandoned mine shaft.  Hang on tight as your train speeds around sharp turns, dips and drops into canyons and caves, past a cascading waterfall, and barely dodges a teetering boulder.  The adjective, “rollicking” really doesn’t describe the back and forth, ups and downs of this hair-raising adventure.  It is definitely not for the “faint-of-heart”, but it is a thrill ride for those who welcome a lot of movement.  In fact, as you approach “Big Thunder”, you can hear screams of delight coming from the trains’ passengers.  There is a height restriction, and Fast Passes are available.


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