Top 10 Rides at Magic Kingdom Park

Haunted Mansion

5.  Haunted Mansion (Liberty Square)

Take a tour of this eerie haunted mansion in a Doom Buggy for an encounter with 999 spirits that are sure to scare and entertain at the same time.  This is a slow moving dark ride, where guests sit back and listen to a ghost host who narrates the tour, pointing out all the supernatural spooks and spirits that inhabit this deserted mansion.  The whole family will enjoy this iconic ride, which is really not all that scary, and the musical accompaniment makes you want to sing along with the “grim grinning ghosts” as they come out to “socialize”.  Guests step onto a conveyor belt that is moving at the same speed as the Doom Buggies, which means a shorter wait time.  Very young children may not appreciate the humor of the ghosts, so you may want to take advantage of the “Rider Switch” option, which allows one parent to stay with the child, and when they return, the other parent can ride without having to wait in the regular line.  Fast Passes are available.


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