Top 10 Rides and Attractions in Magic Kingdom’s Fantasyland

6. Mad Tea Party

“Alice in Wonderland” is one of Disney’s popular classical feature-length animated film, and more recently, live action feature length film. Join Alice and the Mad Hatter and climb into an oversized teacup for a musical twirling ride in which you control the spin by turning a wheel in the middle, either quickly or slowly. The cups spin atop three turntables, which are mounted on one large turntable. There is so much twirling and spinning going on, and some guests really get into it and are spinning at “supersonic” speeds. I must warn anyone who is prone to motion sickness, avoid this ride at all costs, unless you are with someone who knows your limits, and will just sit there and enjoy the slow turning without the spinning. For those who are not spin-intolerant, have a whirling good time.


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