Top 10 Rides and Attractions in Magic Kingdom’s Fantasyland


5. The Barnstormer

While you’re in “Dumbo’s Storybook Circus”, check out Goofy’s “Barnstormer” homemade stunt planes and take a thrilling ride on a family-friendly roller coaster. Goofy, known here as the “Great Goofini” invites you to ride along with him as he performs his world-famous high-flying show. Climb aboard Goofy’s stunt biplane (roller coaster) for a fast and not so furious ride over a bustling barnyard, darting around gentle bends, over treetops, and then soar through the broken section of a nearby billboard, just before landing safely back inside the barn. This Jr. sized roller coaster is tame enough for even the youngest pre-schoolers, and parents will be delighted to sit right alongside their children for this “Goofy-inspired” not-too-thrilling adventure.


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