Top 10 Rides and Attractions in Magic Kingdom’s Fantasyland

Mickey's Philharmagic

1. Mickey’s PhilharMagic

Join Donald Duck and Mickey Mouse for an entertaining interactive 4D movie musical, where “Disney Magic meets Disney Music”. Parents and children alike have been enjoying this spectacular stage show since it debuted in 2008. This magical performance takes place in a beautifully designed 486-seat Concert Hall, with a 150 foot-wide wraparound screen. Upon entering the lobby, every guest is given a pair of 3-D “opera glasses” to further enhance their experience, which includes child-friendly, in-house special effects throughout the presentation, like light splashes of water and other fun surprises. You will not be disappointed with any part of this fantastic musical, animated, character-filled stage performance. Another plus of this attraction is the fact that you can spend some time in a cool, comfortable concert hall, while enjoying a magical journey through several Disney classic animated features. You don’t want to bypass this wonderfully created musical and movie extravaganza.


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