Top 10 Places To Eat A Quick Lunch At Walt Disney World Resort

8. Wolfgang Puck Express

In Disney Springs Marketplace, pretty much as far away from Bongo’s as you can get and still be in Disney Springs, is Wolfgang Puck Express.  While the name may tip you off that the menu items are going to be slightly more pricey than other restaurants on this list, it is nonetheless a great place to grab a quick lunch.  Prices vary from an $8 butter lettuce salad to a $20 salmon entrée, with most other lunch entrées priced in the low teens.  But the Wolfgang Puck name also ensures you’re going to get food that is very tasty.  Try the barbecue chicken pizza, which Puck popularized across the country starting back in the mid-1980’s.  A couple of restaurant favorites are the bacon-wrapped meatloaf sandwich and the butternut squash soup.  From pizzas and pastas to sandwiches and soups, you’ll find a variety of great choices here.


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