Top 10 Most Unique Dining Options At Disney World Resort

Scifi Dine In Theater

4. Drive-in theater dining

This next engagement doesn’t take you as far back as prehistoric times, but it does take you back to the days when drive-in theaters were all the rage. A meal at Sci-Fi Dine-In Theater at Hollywood Studios redefines that classic concept of dinner and a movie with a unique circa 1950s twist. Upon entering the restaurant, a carhop will lead you to a vehicle-like automo-booth or table fashioned to resemble parked cars with glowing taillights. The restaurant setting is dark, designed to depict an outdoor evening.  There’s even a large screen up ahead that plays a continuous loop of various clips from classic sci-fi movies. Parents may rest assured knowing that all these vintage reels are age-appropriate for the enjoyment of all diners. The meal you will have includes all those comfort cuisine favorites you’d likely expect from a traditional drive-in diner.


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