Top 10 Most Unique Dining Options At Disney World Resort

Oak grilled beef Citricos Disney World

6. A safari of flavors at Jiko

At Jiko—The Cooking Place, you’re in for culinary combo featuring the robust flavors of Africa accompanied by a wild onsite safari adventure. It’s proof you don’t have to pack up and head for the savannas of Africa for such an experience; you just head for Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge. Indulge in a wide range of traditional cuisine delights that fuse together the distinct flavors of Africa, India, and the Mediterranean. You’ll even get to watch the kitchen staff in action as the prep work for your meal comes together in the open show kitchen, which is in full view of the diners. And that’s just the beginning, because guests can make dining at Jiko even more special with the Wanyama Safari Dinner Package. This means that in addition to enjoying delightfully wild cuisine you yourself get to have a delightfully wild safari adventure right onsite of the resort grounds. Animal Kingdom Lodge is home to more than 200 animals native to Africa and is surrounded by acres of expansive savanna land. These private safari excursions let you view such remarkable creatures as zebras, gazelles, giraffes, and more up close and personal in a one-of-a-kind encounter. The Wanyama Safari runs for 90 minutes and is intended for groups of 12 or less that are aged 10 and older.


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