Top 10 Most Unique Dining Options At Disney World Resort

Victoria and Albert

10.  Private engagements at Victoria & Albert’s

Dining at Victoria & Albert’s at Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa is world-renowned. The regal refinery and elegance of this restaurant has made it an award-winning culinary endeavor. Furthermore, the experiences to be had here range from sophisticated dining room seating to more exclusive arrangements, one of which can be had by reserving the Chef’s Table. For this culinary quest you and your private party of 10 or less are invited into the heart of all the action—the kitchen, where you will be seated at a VIP table and enjoy personal one-on-one attention from the chef and kitchen staff. Your meal will include 10 to 13 courses, all personalized to the tastes and dietary needs of the members in your dining party. You will even come away with your own personalized printed menu from that evening’s occasion. For another private engagement at Victoria & Albert’s there’s the cozy Queen Victoria private parlor dining room. Available upon reservation to seat just eight diners at a time amidst four tables of two, this personal endeavor comes with a lavish 10-course dinner and French gueridon service and wine pairings.


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