Top 10 Fantastic Disney Fan Favorites You’ll Never Outgrow

Gran Fiesta Tour

7. Cruising with the Caballeros

La Gran Fiesta is a boat ride through the many flavors of Latin America staring The Three Caballeros. Very reminiscent of It’s a Small World, guests are sent floating downriver through festive scenes from Mexico with Donald, José, and Panchito. Kids enjoy the antics of The Three Caballeros as José and Panchito chase Donald all over Mexico on a flying sarape, but adults can appreciate the scenic views and cultural tidbits as they float along. La Gran Fiesta is one of the most overlooked rides in Epcot, perhaps due to it’s similarity to Small World. But make no mistake, La Gran Fiesta is a ride anyone can enjoy if given a sporting chance.

Photo Credit: Disney


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