Top 10 Fantastic Disney Fan Favorites You’ll Never Outgrow


2. By the Light of the Night

Some of the most magical moments at any of the Disney Parks can be felt at their nighttime shows. Whether it’s Fantasmic, Paint the Night, or Wishes, Disney’s fireworks are always enchanting. Guests can see Cinderella’s castle come to life, the rivers of light glow like the sun, or see Mickey fight Maleficent’s fire-breathing dragon. All guests, young and old, adore the nighttime spectaculars as their day at the Disney parks comes to a close. Everyone who’s seen the parks by night will attest to the magically mystifying quality that descends on the park after dark. The fireworks are the last note on the song of a Disney trip, more than just the park staff’s way of saying “we’re closing soon.” It’s where all the magic of Disney comes together for one last act of wonder. It’s a moment dedicated to each and every guest’s utter enjoyment.


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