Top 10 Disney World Experiences That Don't Require A Ticket

Disney's Boardwalk Resort

2. The Boardwalk

When you close your eyes and envision a boardwalk, you may think of a place with shops, restaurants, and killer sights.  The Boardwalk Resort at Disney isn’t just a hotel.  It actually has a real boardwalk that is full of entertainment for all ages.  From delicious restaurants to a bakery and pizzeria to shops and live nighttime entertainment, the Boardwalk is a great place to enjoy without having to even enter any of the parks.  Not to mention, it is only a short walk away from other great restaurants and views from the Yacht & Beach Club and Swan and Dolphin Resort.  You can even catch the fireworks here because of its close proximity to Epcot.  If you’re looking for a pleasant day out or an entertaining evening, this is definitely where you’ll want to be!



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