Top 10 Affordable Restaurants at Disney Parks and Why We Love Them

Dining Food

9.   Pecos Bill Tall Tale Inn and Café—Frontierland—Magic Kingdom—LD

How about a visit to an old rustic saloon serving American and Mexican cuisine, featuring burgers, fries, soups, salads, tacos, fajita platters, beef nachos, and more.  There is an ultimate “toppings bar” where you can customize your meal with all sorts of fresh vegetables, cheeses, sauces, grilled onions, etc.  The old West décor of wooden round tables and stools will get you in the mood for your “wildest meal in the wilderness”!

10. Columbia Harbour House—Liberty Square—Magic Kingdom—LD

You don’t have to be a seafood connoisseur to enjoy a meal at this early American colonial style seafaring eatery. Choose from among these specialties: battered fish or shrimp, lobster roll, grilled salmon, chicken breast nuggets, chicken pot pie, tuna sandwich, salads, clam chowder, side dishes, like macaroni & cheese, fries, steamed vegetables, etc. The atmosphere is seaworthy and the food is exceptional. 
Be adventuresome and experience a restaurant you haven’t been to before.  We all have our favorites, but be bold and give one of these restaurants a try.  One of them may become a favorite.  As the saying goes, “Don’t knock it till you’ve tried it”.  It’s fun to explore new places and new menus, plus the restaurants highlighted in this article serve delicious food and are affordable.


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