Top 10 Affordable Restaurants at Disney Parks and Why We Love Them

Royal Guard Burger

5.   Backlot Express—Hollywood Studios—LD

Enjoy a meal in this oversized warehouse of movie props and other movie set items.  It’s a reminder of exactly where you are; a movie studio.  The atmosphere is awesome and there is plenty of open air covered seating.  Take a break and enjoy a hamburger, cheeseburger, hot dog, or the “Darkside Chicken & Waffles” or “Galactic Salad”.  The food is good, but the atmosphere is the real star here.  You can dine like the actors when they’re on the set.

6.   Flame Tree BBQ—Animal Kingdom—Discovery Island—LD

The aroma wafting from this beautifully designed counter service restaurant is hard to ignore as you are passing by.  The outdoor covered seating area defies imagination with an exotic African décor featuring colorful sculpted figures of the animals and birds of the jungle along with brilliantly colored furniture.  The back waterfront view of Mt. Everest is breathtaking. Dine on delicious BBQ ribs, chicken and pork plates which come with baked beans and coleslaw.  The mouthwatering food combined with the unique décor and gorgeous view makes this a favorite place to dine.


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