Top 10 Affordable Restaurants at Disney Parks and Why We Love Them

BBQ Bacon Cheeseburger

3.  Cosmic Ray’s Starlight Café—Tomorrowland—Magic Kingdom—LD

Step into this futuristic dining hall, where  Sonny Eclipse, an animatronic entertainer from another galaxy, sings and plays his electric keyboard on a stage at the center of the main dining room. The menu here consists of burgers, cheeseburgers, BBQ sandwiches, chicken nuggets, salads, fries, and more.  The “toppings bar” is filled with sauces, vegetables, cheeses, etc. to top off your sandwich or entrée.  Outdoor umbrella-covered seating is also available outside.

4.  Restaurantosaurus—Dinoland, USA,--Animal Kingdom

This is such an unusual restaurant.  The story behind the décor and food is about a group of paleontology students who are on a exposition to find and study dinosaur fossils, and this is where they live and eat. The food is what you might find at a college university, such as burgers, cheeseburgers, a grilled chicken BLT sandwich, chicken nuggets, fries, soups, salads, etc.   Take a few minutes before you leave and check out all the imagery and funny notes and items left behind by the students.


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