The Ultimate Star-Wars Character Checklist

Storm Troopers

With the acquisition of LucasArts and the Star-Wars franchise, Hollywood Studios simply boomed with characters and fans from a galaxy far, far away. From an updated Star-Tours to The First Order marching down Hollywood Boulevard, the Star-Wars crew has certainly found a new home under the house of mouse. Since Star-Wars arrived at the parks, there have been numerous ways that Disney has celebrated the epic space opera, but nothing makes a trip to Hollywood Studios more epic than meeting the faces of famous heroes from the Republic/Rebellion and shadowy members of the Empire/First Order. Character appearances have always been a Disney park staple, but the ones at Hollywood Studios got more than an upgrade when the cast of the popular sci-fi film franchise graced the grounds. Here is our list of Star Wars Characters no fan should miss.

1. Storm Troopers

If you linger in Hollywood Studios long enough, you’re sure to run into a trooper or two. Two types of these armor-clad enforcers can be seen marching through the park, the classic trooper from the days of the Empire, and the more intimidating troops of the First Order. The classics can be found mingling among guests and patrolling the park perimeter. Much like the Toy Story Green Army Men, these troopers are more light-hearted and fun, searching guests for information on the rebels, or just goofing around during Star-Wars weekend ceremonies. On the other side of the spectrum, we have the First Order forces. These super-troopers march through the streets of Hollywood during the daily March of the First Order show. Seeing their armored regime parade through the park is a popular pastime among star wars fans. However you like your troopers, you’re sure to have your pick with these forces of the Dark Side.

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