The Top 3 Snack Foods at Each Disney World Park

Kusafiri Coffee Shop

Disney’s Animal Kingdom

1. Pongu Lumpia—This savory snack is made with a fried wonton wrapper filled with pineapples and cream cheese, then sprinkled with sugar.  It’s a hand-held sweet treat that can be found at “Pongu Pongu:, a small Pandor-themed drink stand across from the Valley of Mo’ara.

2. Colossal Cinnamon Roll—Take one large and two smaller warm, luscious cinnamon rolls, cover them with a warm vanilla icing, stick them together in the shape of Mickey’s head, and you’ll have one mouth-watering sweet treat, large enough to share with a friend.  You can purchase this wonderful pastry at the “Kusafiri Coffee Shop” next door to the “Tusker House Restaruant”

3. Cotton Top Tamarin Cupcake—Experience this truly unique dark chocolate cupcake topped with chocolate buttercream icing, chocolate shavings, and a cute little Tamarin (tiny South American monkey) made of chocolate on a sucker stick.  Stop by “Creature Comforts”, an African-themed coffee shop serving ‘Starbucks’ coffee.  It’s located near the “Tamarins’ Exhibit.


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