The Top 3 Meals Available in Every Disney World Park

Scifi Dine In Theater

Hollywood Studios

1. Sci-Fi Dine-In Theater: Drive-In BBQ Burger(Commissary Lane)

The main allure of this restaurant is that you get to watch charmingly awful clips from old sci-fi movies while sitting at a table that looks like a car.

However, this drive-in schtick belies a menu full of awesome dishes, including the Drive-In BBQ Burger, which combines a signature blend of beef (short rib, chuck, angus, and brisket), BBQ spice, housemade barbecue sauce, bacon, cheddar, crispy-fried jalapeño and onion straws, all on a brioche bun. "Wow" is the word.

2. 50's Prime Time Café: A Sampling of Mom's Favorites(Echo Lake)

Imagine if you combined the old-timey aesthetic of Leave It to Beaverwith a family-style meal where the servers tease you about your table manners. Not only is it an amusing experience, you can order a sampler platter that includes golden fried chicken, fork-tender pot roast, and traditional meatloaf with all the fixin's.

3. Hollywood Brown Derby: Char-grilled Filet of Beef(Hollywood Boulevard)

Be prepared to drop some money on this place. Once you've tried it though, you'll understand why people continue flocking to it, despite its high prices.

Take the Char-grilled Filet of Beef, for instance. The perfectly cooked meat alone is worth the price of admission if you ask us, but throw in the Yukon Gold potato cake and other accoutrements, and you've got a real winner.


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