The Top 10 Restaurants for Food Fans on Disney Property

Fried Chicken _ disney restaurants

We love going to the parks to check out the new attractions, shows, and new lands when we visit Disney World, but dining at the resort is always a favorite activity of our family when we visit.  Between the parks, resorts, Disney Springs, and the Boardwalk there are many options for guests dining at Disney World.  However, here are our top ten restaurants for any food fan on property!

10. 50s Prime Time Café (Hollywood Studios)

Located in the Echo Park section of the park, 50s Prime Time Café allows guests to find some of their classic favorites from when they were growing up.  Guests can find meatloaf, pot roast, fried chicken, and all of the delicious sides here.  Don’t worry if you can’t choose between all of the wonderful options — they have a sampler platter that gets you three of the entrees!  You’ll want to mind your manners and clean your plate so you are guaranteed to be able to have dessert!

9. Liberty Tree Tavern (Magic Kingdom)

Located in Liberty Square, guests will love the family-style platters that are served up to guests here.  After your initial platter, you can always specifically request more of what you enjoyed.  Additionally, the restaurant itself is very enjoyable with comfortable seating and a unique manner of guests being seated at their tables!

8. Whispering Canyon Café (Wilderness Lodge)

Whispering Canyon is another restaurant that serves up meals in a family-style setting.  We love the flexibility of ordering the food that we enjoy from the platter and passing on those we don’t like.  No matter the meal, the menu at Whispering Canyon will not disappoint.  You’ll also love the lively atmosphere that restaurant exudes — it’ll make dining an entertaining experience!

7. Via Napoli (Epcot)

Found in the Italy Pavilion, Via Napoli’s draw are three huge pizza ovens that cook the pizzas for the restaurant.  Via Napoli offers some unique specials, as well as classic favorites for guests to enjoy.  If you have a big party, we definitely getting the huge sheet pizza for the table to share!


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