The Top 10 Restaurants for Food Fans on Disney Property

Boma Buffet Disney World

6. Boma (Animal Kingdom)

A buffet-style restaurant located in the Animal Kingdom Lodge has so much to offer guests!  First, the buffet is inspired with African-themed dishes, so guests can be adventurous with their meals, but there are also classic selections, so it isn’t a wasted meal if you don’t like any of the options.  Second, Boma is on the ground floor of the Animal Kingdom Lodge, so guests seated near a window can glimpse views of animals walking around outside!

5. Trail’s End (Fort Wilderness)

Another buffet option (we hope you’re noticing the theme), Trail’s End is near the ferry launch at Fort Wilderness.  Guests can enjoy any meal here and find classic homestyle meals to fill their stomachs.  Guests can choose amongst many hot dish items, a huge dessert selection, and even refreshing cocktails from Crockett’s Tavern.  This is definitely a meal that you want to get to with a big appetite!

4. Hollywood Brown Derby Restaurant (Hollywood Studios)

This restaurant can be found right near the intersection of Sunset Boulevard and Hollywood Boulevard.  Guests will love dining here because of the signature items on the menu and how the menu does not reflect a normal theme park restaurant menu.  Be sure to save some room for dessert as there are some unique dessert items you’ll want to sample!


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