The Right Way To Tackle Walt Disney World When You're Short On Time

9. Park Hop – or Don't

This one will depend a lot on the size of your group, ages, stamina, and your priorities. While visiting more than one park in a day will allow you to see more, you're also going to spend a chunk of your day on the monorail, bus, car, or boat. This probably isn't how you want to use your limited Disney time. If you're going to park hop, be sure to choose parks that are easy to go between (Magic Kingdom and Epcot via monorail, Epcot and Hollywood Studios via boat) and that you plan your travel time into your schedule. If your goal is just to have a fun Disney Day, consider staying in one park. You'll have more time to enjoy the atmosphere if you aren't rushing around. Also, consider that Park Hopper tickets are more expensive. Weigh the extra cost carefully. Does it really mean that much to see a second park for part of a day, or would you rather see and do more in one park?


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