The Right Way To Tackle Walt Disney World When You're Short On Time

Trolley Show

1. Make Peace with Your Short Visit

You can't do it all. Say it again, you can't do it all. Even on a week-long Disney vacation you can't do everything, so this is especially true of a trip of only a day or two. There will be some things you wanted to see or ride that just aren't going to happen. Plan a fun visit for your short trip and be excited by the possibility of returning another day to see and do more of the incredible things at Walt Disney World.

While a long visit to Walt Disney World gives you the chance to experience so much of the wonder and magic, don't skip a visit just because you're short on time. You can still have a wonderful trip to Disney, even if it's only for a day. But be careful, after a short trip you're probably going to end up planning a much longer visit for the future! 

By Laurel


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