The Disney Trip Of A Lifetime Would Include These 20 Ingredients

Backstage Personnel Walt Disney World

9. Backstage Tours

We all know the magic is in every fiber of the air at the parks, but did you know it is just as evident in the backstage areas?  Backstage tours are an awesome way to see just how the magic is created for guests on a daily basis.  The majority of these tours are for adults, but you can find a few for kids as well.  Backstage tours are also offered in various parks, so you’ll be able to enjoy learning about several concepts, whether it’s animal training at Animal Kingdom, how parade floats operate at Magic Kingdom, the ideas behind the Tower of Terror at Hollywood Studios, or even how audio animatronics are utilized at Epcot.  These are just a few examples, but the list goes on and on. Being able to enjoy one of these makes for the ultimate Disney trip.  



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