The Best Times to Visit Disney World on a Budget

2. Mid-week

So maybe you aren’t able to flex your schedule to snag a real bargain during the off-peak times, but you can still save a little bit by making sure the majority of your nights at Disney are spent during the week. Disney tends to discount their rooms during the week, and the prices spike a little bit on the weekends. If you can plan your vacation to fall only over one or two weekend nights (compared to coming in on a Friday and leaving the following Sunday) you will be able to see the savings. 

1. Other ways to save

Maybe you’re not planning to stay on-property, so when can you save the most money if you’re staying off property? Well, there are several things to take into consideration. You can save money on food by going during some of the festival times, where lots of easy and inexpensive food offerings are available throughout Epcot.  If you are planning to only go to the parks for one day, the rates for one-day park passes also fluctuate just like the room rates. Shoot for those late summer, late fall, or early January times to save a little bit of money on one-day tickets. The more days of park tickets you purchase, the less expensive each day will be as well. 

No matter when you choose to go to Walt Disney World, there are a lot of ways to shave a little bit off your budget to make it affordable for your wallet.  Happy planning! 

By Kami


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