The ABC's Of A Sensational Walt Disney World Vacation

All Star Movies Resort

H - Hotel Accommodations

Disney has a wide variety of resorts to choose from in three main levels: value, moderate, and deluxe. You’ll enjoy the Disney level of service and cleanliness at any resort, but the amenities and ambiance correlate to the price point.  

I - Invest in Good Shoes

Some estimate that a full park day will have your FitBit logging up to 14 miles. Comfortable walking shoes will save you heartache and foot-ache.

J - Jump on a Great Deal

Sometimes you’ll see a certain Disney promotion and wonder if you should book now or wait for a better deal. The answer is, NOW. If a better deal comes along before your vacation, Disney will honor it, if you call. 

K - Keeping Safe

Disney security is top notch. To help them in their safety mission, be sure to leave potentially hazardous items at home. Also consider writing your phone number on small children’s arms in case you get separated. 



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