The 5 Reasons Why You Need to Pack a Bag When You Head Into Walt Disney World Parks

1.  Carry Your Purchases

Our family souvenir shops when at the parks – a new t-shirt, a magnet, bag of candy, or a new MagicBand, we never know what we will end up with when we head into the parks.  Having a bag with us allows us to put our purchases into one place and not have to worry about carrying one of the plastic Disney bags with us.  If you do too much shopping, don’t forget that you can always have your purchases sent to the front of the park or back to your resort hotel!

Taking a bag into the park may seem like an inconvenience, but you’ll be thankful you have it!  What about you?  Do you take a bag with you into the park?  What is a must pack for you?

By Tyler


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