The 10 Souvenirs Every Disney Fan Must Have

8. Official Disney trading pins

Have you yet experienced the Disney Pin Trading phenomenon? Disney Parks first started Official Disney Pin Trading in late 1999 in celebration of the new millennium. If you love Disney and enjoy collecting and trading, you will love pin trading in the parks. It is estimated that there have been close to 100,000 different Disney trading pins designed and manufactured since 1999. And there’s no telling how many of each design are in circulation today. You can purchase trading pins in the parks of varying sizes and prices—some commemorate celebrations in the parks, some pins are designed in the likenesses of Disney characters, and some include likenesses of attractions and rides in the parks. You can purchase individual pins, pin sets and series of pins. They can be purchased at most shops, as well as at some free-standing counters in the parks and at Disney Springs. Prices range from around $8 to $15 for individual pins, and sets can cost between $20 and $60, depending on how many pins are in the set. Take them home and create a Disney Parks souvenir wall hanging by using a corkboard and tacking your pins to the board each time you return home from a visit to the parks.


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