The 10 Rides You Shouldn’t Skip at the Magic Kingdom

Splash Mountain

4. Splash Mountain

Another popular attraction located in Frontierland, Splash Mountain has guests float around and join Br’er Rabbit’s journey.  At over ten minutes, this is one of the longer attractions on property.  In addition to its length, guests are offered some magnificent views of the Magic Kingdom and a refreshing splash at the end of the ride!

3. Space Mountain

An indoor rollercoaster in Tomorrowland, Space Mountain continues to thrill guests over 40 years after it opened.  This attraction is a definite FastPass selection if you choose to ride — wait times can exceed ninety minutes during peak times of the year! 

2. Seven Dwarfs Mine Train

One of the newer attractions in the Magic Kingdom, Seven Dwarfs Mine Train is a must do.  Guests will love the placement of the attraction in the middle of Fantasyland, so you have great views regardless of where you are.  Additionally, the queue is famously themed with interactive elements, so the wait time will pass quickly!

1. It’s A Small World

Located in Fantasyland, this attraction is a great reminder of the power of story to an attraction and how an attraction can be great without special effects.  This is a must-do for everyone regardless if it is your first or fiftieth trip and depending on when you walk past the attraction, it is usually a short wait!

By Tyler


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