Rides You Shouldn’t Skip at the Magic Kingdom

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8. Big Thunder Mountain Railroad

One of the most popular attractions at the Magic Kingdom, Big Thunder Mountain Railroad is always a must-do. Even without a FastPass, the queue is phenomenally themed, so there is much to see and explore while you are waiting in line for the wildest ride in the wilderness! 

7. Pirates of the Caribbean

Another classic Magic Kingdom attraction, Pirates of the Caribbean features a wonderful story, great Audio-Animatronics, and, of course, Captain Jack Sparrow!  You can always snag a FastPass for this attraction, but waiting times rarely exceed 30 minutes, so you shouldn’t hesitate to wait in the standby queue!

6. Haunted Mansion

Located in Liberty Square, the Haunted Mansion invites guests to climb aboard a Doom Buggy for a look inside.  Guests will love the intricate details throughout the show scenes in the attraction — be sure to be on the lookout for Hidden Mickeys and hitchhiking ghosts!  When you first arrive in the Stretching Room, find a spot in front of the painting with the young woman with an umbrella.

5. Peter Pan’s Flight

An Opening Day attraction located in Fantasyland that consistently has waits exceeding one hour, Peter Pan’s Flight allows guests to take an aerial voyage to Neverland to look in on the adventures of Peter and the Lost Boys.  While we recommend getting a FastPass, the queue was recently refurbished to add interactive elements, so waiting for your sprinkle of fairy dust is a little bit more entertaining!


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