Star Wars Land Is Coming To Walt Disney World's Hollywood Studios - Here's What It's Gonna Be Like!

Kia Lo Ren

3. More About Galaxy’s Edge

From the moment guests enter Galaxy’s Edge, they will feel as if they have been transported into an outer-rim frontier town and trading port on a faraway planet. Although the name of this new planet has yet to be revealed, it is known that the 14-acre area will be the park’s largest single-themed expansion. As you explore, you’ll quickly realize that humans aren’t the only ones wandering around. In fact, the entire town will be occupied by a wide variety of people, aliens, humanoids, and droids, including some that come from the Dark Side! You may even run into some familiar faces such as BB-8, Chewbacca, and the infamous Kylo Ren.

However, guests can expect more than just the typical meet-and-greet experience that is well-known throughout the parks. Disney World has hinted at a completely new narrative threading and immersive experience that places guests right in the story. It’s something neither Disney or any other theme park has ever tried before, but we expect nothing from the best from the storytelling masters!