Sneak a Peek Inside a Disney Pro's Park Bag


3. A Camera

It’s common for folks to take pictures and videos on their phones. However, if you want some quality shots, it doesn’t hurt to have a camera on hand. There are so many photo-worthy shots here at Disney World because it’s so beautiful. Bringing a separate camera may also help save the battery on your phone.

Another option is to purchase Memory Maker (included in Annual Passholder ticket). This service will let you purchase or download photos taken by the Disney PhotoPass Cast Members throughout the park. You can't miss them, they wear white shirts and khaki vests!

2. Park Map & Time’s Guide

Because Disney World is constantly evolving, it never hurts to keep a map and time’s guide handy. If you haven’t visited in a while, chances are things have changed a bit. Even a seasoned visitor can benefit by picking one up.

There is also the My Disney Experience app which allows you to keep track of all your Disney reservations. It also includes a map of all the parks which updates to tell you the wait times for each ride. Having a paper map is still a great way to go and should cell service be spotty, you won't be left in the dark!


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