Sneak a Peek Inside a Disney Pro's Park Bag

Ziplock Bags

5. Ziploc Bags

Keeping Ziploc bags on hand is always a good idea. They’re versatile and can save you in a pinch. If you plan on riding any attractions that involve water or it starts to rain, they’re the perfect place to store small valuables. You can seal them tightly and they’re resistant to water and other conditions. If you plan on attending Blizzard Beach or Typhoon Lagoon, you should definitely stash some in your bag just in case

4. Wipes

Millions of people visit Disney World each year, so it’s no surprise that there are tons of germs floating around. To combat that, bringing hand wipes is extremely helpful. Not only can they keep your hands clean, but they’re useful when other mishaps take place. If you’re traveling with youngsters, spillage can occur and wipes can be a quick fix. After returning from the parks, be sure to wipe off your phones and other gadgets to eliminate bacteria.


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