Ready - Set - Plan! Our Top 10 Tips for Organizing Your Disney Vacation

Castle Front

1. When to go?

Disney World operates 365 days a year!  In the past, there were certain times of the year that were considered the “low” season, with small crowds and nice weather.  For the most part, that is no longer true.  Disney offers special events throughout the year that entice guests to vacation during the “off” season.  Still, there are things to consider when choosing when to visit the Vacation Kingdom.  Basically, crowds are lower when school is in session.  Another thing to consider is the weather.  The heat and humidity in the summer can be taxing, to put it lightly.  On the other hand, summer park hours are longer and the waterparks and resort pools are brimming with fun!  Visiting during the Fall or Winter might require you to take your kids out of school, but the weather will be much more pleasant.  You’ll have to decide what’s important to you.


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