Ranking the 5 Table Service Restaurants at Hollywood Studios

Scifi Dine In Theater

1. Sci-Fi Dine-In

Loyalties are divided on this restaurant, but we rank it as number one on our list because of the inventive theming that invites guests to enjoy a full meal while watching trailers for some zany B-movies from the 1950s.  The nostalgia factor for this restaurant is high between the movies, the car hops, and the “tables.”  The menu is constantly evolving, but guests can be sure to find burgers and other sandwiches with unique twists.  The menu also has some great appetizers and tasty milkshakes, so you’ll definitely want to come with an appetite!

Reviewing this list it is easy to wish that you could have many more than one meal at Hollywood Studios, but sometimes our vacations don’t allow that.  Depending on what you are craving, any of the restaurants here can be a great choice.  What is your top choice for a restaurant at Hollywood Studios?

By Tyler


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