Ranking the 5 Table Service Restaurants at Hollywood Studios

Fried Chicken _ disney restaurants

3. 50’s Prime Time Café

Travel back in time and enjoy a classic American dinner with some classic American entertainment.  Guests dining at the 50’s Prime Time Café should be forewarned to come with an appetite and not allow your eyes to be bigger than your stomach!  The wait staff at the restaurant will make sure that you are eating your entire meal (including the vegetables), as well as making sure you remember your manners (elbows off the table)!  Not only is the theming of this restaurant endearing, but the food is great, too.  Whenever we visit, we can’t make the choice between the pot roast, meatloaf, or fried chicken, so we get the platter where we can have all three!  You’ll definitely want to save room for dessert or a tasty, inventive milkshake!


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