Pros and Cons of Disney World Resort Transportation

Disney Transportation Bus


12. Resort to resort

If you are staying at Pop Century and want to dine at the Polynesian for example, you’ll have to transfer at a theme park or Disney Springs.  There is no direct transportation from resort to resort. 

13. Disney Springs

If you are leaving Disney Springs after a night of shopping and dining, count on slow bus service.  For some reason, the bus transportation here is reeeeealy slooooow. 

14. Magical Express

If you use Magical Express from the airport, your luggage does not travel with you from the airport (unless you go and retrieve it).  According to Disney, it may take up to 3 hours for your luggage to arrive in your room.  My experience has been more like 3-5 hours.  Prepare accordingly!

15. Buses run late

Don’t expect to walk out of your room and a bus is waiting for you.  Disney advertises 20 minute intervals.  However, buses occasionally run late.  You may wait as long as 45 minutes!  If that happens, you may miss your Fastpass window or a dining reservation. 


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