Planning a Day in Animal Kingdom: The 6 Decisions You Need to Make Before You Go

Kali River Rapids

1. Soaked or Not

This decision most likely will be influenced on the time of year you are visiting Animal Kingdom, but the decision to ride Kali River Rapids or not is an important one because you will get wet.  Not Splash Mountain wet, but SOAKED.  Walking around a theme park after surviving the deluge of this ride may not be enjoyable, so if you are planning on riding, you may want to bring a spare pair of socks, a fresh t-shirt, and some flip flops so you can change into more comfortable clothing after you ride!

We love the atmosphere of a visit to the Animal Kingdom, as well as the opportunities for entertainment discovered just by walking around, and the varied and tasty snacks to satisfy our appetites.  What is your most important pre-trip planning tip?

By Tyler


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