Parking at Walt Disney World 101

1. Theme Parks

The price to park your car is the same at all four theme parks. For $25, you can park your car for the entire day at any of the four theme parks, meaning that if you decide to hop to another park, you won’t have to pay again. If you do plan on hopping, you might want to use Disney transportation for an easier travel experience.

You can also decide to park your car in a preferred spot for $50, which means parking closer to the entrance of the theme park. If you’re staying on property, you will be charged a fee for parking at the resort, but standard parking at the four theme parks is complimentary for resort guests.

There are many forms of Disney transportation, and the new Disney Skyliner on the way, will help you minimize the amount you have to pay while at the Walt Disney World Resort. Every penny counts!

Note: Oversized vehicles such as campers or RVs cost $30 per day.


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